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Family Readiness Group

Your unit Family Readiness Group is a formally recognized and chartered volunteer group of unit family members and loved ones, supported by unit officers and enlisted personnel. The group provides information to and support for families and members of the unit, especially during periods of separation. Knowing that the FRG is there to help when the Servicemember is away can be a big relief.

Anyone with a connection to the unit is welcome to be a part of the FRG: Spouses, parents, children, siblings, grandparents, friends, significant others, aunts, uncles, etc. Your level of involvement is strictly up to you depending upon your personal interests, time, and commitment.


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Family Readiness Groups:

  • Serve as a point of contact for families throughout the deployment cycle
  • Are a communication network to get information to families quickly, consisting of email information letters, a “telephone tree” and a website
  • Outreach programs for families that have little knowledge about benefits
  • Organize social activities to relieve stress of everyday life and encourage bonding among families and others significant to the Servicemembers
  • Training to help families deal with deployment and separation
  • Support groups for spouses, parents, children and other loved ones
  • Fosters increased levels of cohesion, confidence and commitment between the chain of command, Servicemembers and family members.

Your Servicemember’s unit can be your strongest resource for information and support for parenting, employer challenges, coping with separations and experiencing homecomings and reunions.



Army FRG

Website that provides a secure environment in which information, resources and support are available to Servicemembers and their families 24 hours a day - regardless of their geographical location.


Access a specific Virtual Family Readiness Group here.

The vFRG website is a secure site available to Soldiers and their family members.  The vFRG site provides family members with a valuable tool to access documents, view photos/videos, participate in forums and gather important information, all customized to a specific unit.

To subscribe to a unit's vFRG site as a family member, follow these four easy

1. Click the "Find an FRG" button after clicking the vFRG link above.
2. Select your FRG's location.
3. Click on your FRG's name from the list.
4. Enter your information and your Servicemember's (sponsor's) information.

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