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Reintegration Training 


Yellow Ribbon Training Dates

Many training events are held throughout the year.

Find and register for your unit's mandatory training at Joint Services Support


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Initial Reintegration Training

Conducted immediately upon return, prior to the Servicemember’s homecoming, at the demobilization. The purpose of the Initial Reintegration Training is to connect Servicemembers with service providers who can assist them in overcoming the challenges of reintegration.
DSC_01281Thank a Soldier” workshops, conducted by the Minnesota National Guard and Minnesota Departments of Military and Veterans Affairs representatives accomplishes the following:

  • Every returning Servicemember is registered for the Veterans Administration entitlement program
  • Servicemembers will be informed of their Veterans benefits
  • Provides assistance with re-employment and enrolls Servicemembers into employment transition services
  • Trains Servicemembers on personal-vehicle driver safety
  • Identifies high-risk Servicemembers and plans are established for follow-on care
  • Provides legal briefings and legal assistance


Click here for the February 2012 edition of Beyond the Yellow Ribbon's Deployment Handbook



30-Day Reintegration


Conducted within the first month after deployment, this is the first of two family-focused events that reconnect Servicemembers and their families with community service partners. In a reunion-like atmosphere, the family unit reaffirms what benefits they are entitled to and what resources are available to help them to overcome the challenges of reintegration. Specifically, this phase of reintegration training focuses on:

  • Personal development workshops, including critical thinking and optimal performace, problem solving, anger/stress management and substance abuse prevention  Rein_ChapMorrisSpeaks_3001
  • Employment-related workshops, including resume writing, GPS LifePlan and resources and strategies to find employment
  • Financial literacy workshops, including how to create a budget, deal with debt and save for retirement 
  • Access to service partners for explanations of all benefits available to combat veterans



60-Day Reintegration


This follow-on family event is designed to address and mitigate negative behaviors related to combat stress and transition. Seminars consist of:

  • DEED Employment Workshops
  • Family workshops, including parenting after deployment, a couples checkup and tips for extended families 
  • Financial literacy workshops, including financial readiness adn economic security, and savings and investing
  • Resilience workshops, including identifying strengths in self and others and assertive communications
  • Certified Public Accountants provide workshops to help Servicemembers understand their finances and live within their budget.



90-Day Reintegration


This training is designed for the Servicemember only, it is focused on the conduct of a thorough Post Deployment Health Reassessment inventory of all equipment, and an administrative close-out of all active duty related personnel actions. Civilian and military service providers on hand at this event include Minnesota Guard Medical and Chaplain Teams and representatives from Federal, State, and County Veterans Services Offices.




















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