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Yellow Ribbon Communities

What is a Yellow Ribbon Community?

A Yellow Ribbon Community unites all areas within a community to create a comprehensive network that connects and coordinates agencies, organizations, resources and employers for the purpose of proactively supporting Servicemembers and military families.


Since the first community was proclaimed Yellow Ribbon in 2008, several have been operating as 501(c)(3) charitable organizations. Additionally, many others are in the process of becoming 501(c)(3).

Why become a Yellow Ribbon Community?

ChanhassenSince 9/11, thousands of Minnesotans have served the country. By developing a Yellow Ribbon Network, communities unite to honor and embrace those affected by military deployments. The outward showing of support enables successful transition all the way home. The community's effort transcends the military to any group in need and builds a stronger, more compassionate community.


How to become a Yellow Ribbon City?

Each community will develop a sustainable action plan demonstrating their commitment to Servicemembers and military families. The community will identify and connect leaders in key areas across the community, leverage existing support activities, build awareness throughout the community and take action.


How to find your local Yellow Ribbon contact?

Below you will see a list of proclaimed Yellow Ribbon Cities. If your city is not listed, that doesn't mean work hasn't begun. Check the Yellow Ribbon City/County Contacts Sheet to see if a committee has been formed in your community.


Find out how to connect with a Yellow Ribbon Network in your area by contacting the Family Assistance Center nearest you.


Yellow Ribbon Toolkit:


click here to download the logo and view photos.


Proclaimed Yellow Ribbon Cities

If your city is not listed below, that doesn't mean work hasn't begun. Find out how you can connect with a Yellow Ribbon Network near you by contacting your local Family Assistance Center.


Some cities have joined together to form one network.  





Nearly 200 cities, counties and businesses have been proclaimed Beyond the Yellow Ribbon, recognizing their support of Servicemembers and their families. 


Yellow Ribbon Products:

While we can't endorse one specific vendor, we'd like to share with you some Minnesota companies that have produced Yellow Ribbon products in mass to help networks in our state-wide awareness campaign.


Car Magnets, Table Cloths, Pens and T-Shirts

  • Specialty Promotions - 651-653-9530
  • Spartan Promotional Group - 651-769-1313
  • Heritage Embroidery & Design - 651-430-9220



For information on how to get your city population sign, find instructions here


For more information on becoming a Yellow Ribbon City, contact Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Community Outreach Support.  






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